When booking an orchestra for your next event, you will undoubtedly consider 3 important factors. We refer to it as ” P.Q.R.” – Price, Quality & Relationship. The underlying philosophy of Blue Melody was to create a superior musical product discernable to all, professional & novice alike.

Blue Melody is an homogeneous mix of some of the most elite musicians available today. The group has invested and continues to invest countless hours creating this Vibrant Blue product. Arrangements, rehearsals, studio work, coordination, stage presence & so much more.

The Blue Melody Group are:

Ari Boiangiu – Guitar / Bandleader / Arranger
Eran Asias – Drums / Arranger
Jason Teborek – Piano / Synth / Arranger
Edmond Gilmore – Bass

Blue Melody has come to fruition through the great effort & unswerving dedication of Eli Lax & Chaim Rosenblatt.

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Put on your best pair of headphones & let us sweep you away by the music of The Blue Melody  Group! 

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