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We asked: “In Your Own Words, How Would You Define Blue Melody?”

BENNY FRIEDMAN:  “Blue Melody is definitely the most exciting new thing on the scene. They’re a tight crew of some of the best musicians we have. I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys bring it!”

BERI WEBER:    “Blue is a בחינה like we see at מתן תורה רואים את הקולות. You can almost physically see the sound of the amazing group of highest professional Jewish musicians working together with the intent of bringing music to the next level. It is definitely happening when you have them at your next Simcha.”

SHEA BERKO:  “This band got it all …energy, rhythm, groove ..and of course the boys Ari Eran Shaya Jason ..extremely talented with great personalities.”

SHLOIMY KAUFMAN:  “Top notch talent, extraordinary synergy with a tight and fresh sound. People who’s only care is providing the best music for any occasion! Blue melody is a pleasure to sing with!”

SHAULY WALDNER: “They’re fresh, creative, and you never know what new cool arrangement they got up their sleeve…”

URI DAVIDI:  “The crisp new sound and feel of Blue Melody allows me to sing and perform on the highest level.”

YEHUDAH ADERET:  “I would like to say I feel very privileged to be a part of the Blue Group, the newest hottest band out there in Jewish music! What differentiates Blue from all the rest is that besides their awesome groove and having the most talented musicians out there, they are by far the most “DANCE-ABLE” band ever created.”

YOELY GREENFELD:   “Blue Melody is the newest – freshest – tightest band in the Jewish music industry. Music you wished you can touch;)”


Comments Seen On Blue Youtube Clips: 

BENJI POSNER: “Stunning” 

BP GENIUS:  “WOW! Just when we thought we have seen it all in Jewish Music, here comes along this thrilling group. The cohesion and perfect rhythm is entertaining and exciting”

ELI GREENWALD:  (Too many comments to quote here..) 


NACHAS MUSIC:  “Feeling Blue”

SHAUL NEMTZOV:  “Said perfectly. This guy [Jason]  is inhumane…mesmerizing. And I take back my comment on a previous video where I plead for more clips of the group as a whole. Just keep sharing more of this dude’s piano playing: it’s sick!”

SHY CLYMAN: Super glad to have been a part of this awesome video!! Killin band!!

YANKY PERL:  “Awesome affetto. Amazingly done guys, keep it up!”

YOSSI SHTENDIG:  “I go gaga for this really solid”





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