Blue Melody ft. Avraham David – “ישי ריבו ״תוכו רצוף אהבה
by on March 25, 2017

Blue Melody presents an international collaboration with acclaimed French singer Avraham David. With chodesh Nisan approaching this week and Pesach approaching, we present to you a cover of Ishay Ribo’s “Tokho Ratsuf Ahava.” Even as Klal YIsrael reached the lowest of levels in Mitzrayim, Hashem still embraced us with his love and brought us out to freedom.

Ari Boiangiu – Gtr
Eran Asias – Drums
Edmond Gilmore – Bass
Jason Teborek – Keys
Avromi Basch – Sax

Video by Motty Engel
Live Sound by Shy Clyman and SC Events
Mixed by Aryeh Kunstler at Roar Recording

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