Ussak – Blue Melody ft. Ismail Lumanovski
by on June 9, 2015

Blue Melody performs “Usaak,” a middle eastern themed rhapsody featuring the talents of Ismail Lumanovski, Ruslan Agababayev, and Osama Farouk.

“Ussak” – The Spirit of traditional Turkish music spiced with western jazz and funk, originally performed by “La├žo Tayfa.” Experience true groove like you’ve never felt before.

Blue Melody Group

Production: Chaim Rosenblatt & Eli Lax

Blue Melody is Ari Boiangiu (Guitar/Lead), Eran Asias (Drums), Edmond Gilmore (Bass), and Jason Teborek (Keys)

Mix: Roar Recording (Aryeh Kunstler)
Master: Shy Clyman
Video & Edit: Motty Engel

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